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No.85, February/March/April/ May 2014

Space Japan Review, No. 85
A space elevator proposed by Obayashi Corporation
Courtesy of Obayashi Corporation


Cover Page
A space elevator proposed by Obayashi Corporation
Courtesy of Obayashi Corporation (PDF:5.4MB)
Specail Report (in English)
Space Elevator and Its Research and Development at Present
Yoshiki Yamagiwa
Graduate School of Engineering, Shizuoka University
A space elevator is an ultimate transportation system access to space. Such a system is just a product of imagination until some decades ago. But recent advances in technology including the invention of new materials such as carbon nanotube make space elevator possible to realize, and academic researches and developments become active in USA, Japan and European countries in recent ten years. There are many technological problems should be overcome at present, but the increase and the cooperation of researchers and engineers to cope with space elevator and the continuous studies of space elevator will accelerate the realization of space elevator in near future.
(PDF: 641kB)

Interview with CEO (in English)
Mr. Susumu Yamaguchi
President and CEO, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems, LTD. Tokyo Japan
In our interview, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems (NTSpace) President Mr. Susumu Yamaguchi speaks passionately about his business strategies for worldwide satellite communications in all of frequency band for broadband applications. (PDF: 306kB)

Satellite Commentary (in Japanese)
Nobuyoshi Fugono
Ex-Director General of CRL, Japan
(PDF: 1,025kB)

Space Japan Book Review (in English)
From a satcom researcher point of view
Jon Gertner: gThe Idea Factory Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovationh, Penguin Press, 2012.
Dr. Takashi Iida
Editorial Advisor
"Needless to say, this book is suitable for the book review column of Space Japan Review, because the Bell Laboratories, AT&T, developed the world's first communications satellite in early 1960s. I began to read this book first putting the RAND Corporation in mind that is the research institute which gathered many American geniuses, as I reviewed before. But the current topic of RIKEN crossed to my head from the middle. The author of this book, Jon Gertner, was brought up at near Murray Hill, New Jersey, where Bell Laboratories set up a base. After he graduated from Cornell University, he was in charge of articles of business, society and economy as a reporter of a New York Times Magazine from 2004 to 2011. Soon after this book was released, it got high evaluation in a book review of American major newspapers and magazines."
(PDF: 192kB)

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