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Space Japan Review 10. 11. 12 & 01
No.84, October / November / December 2013 / January 2014

Space Japan Review, No. 84
Quasi Zenith Satellite System
Courtesy of JAXA


Cover Page
Quasi Zenith Satellite System
Courtesy of JAXA (PDF:3.9MB)
Executive Comments (in English)
Satellite Communications A Canadian Perspective
Claude Belisle and Mario Caron, Communications Research Centre Canada
"Canada has a long history in satellite systems spearheading many innovative applications and solutions both in terms of satellite communications and scientific instruments. From its debut with the Allouette program in the early 1960fs analyzing radio frequency propagation from space,..." Dr. Belisle and Dr. Caron of CRC give comments on a Canadian perspective of satellite communications.
(PDF: 174kB)

Technology Lecture (in English)
Maxwell's Equations is the Most Basic for Satellite Communications
-Its Creation Background and Derivation Procedure-
Takashi Iida, Editorial Advisor
"Maxwell's equations is the culmination of electromagnetism and is the very basics of radio communication, of course, is also the basis of satellite communications. However, on another thought, although it may not apply to current students, Maxwell's equations might have been only passed through as a series of operations of a mathematical expression in the lecture of electromagnetics and antenna engineering at the time of my student in the late 1960s." (PDF: 4,140kB)

Special Report on Quasi Zenith Satellite Systems (in Japanese)
Technical Verification Results of QZS-1 gMICHIBIKIh
Takeshi Hirabayashi (JAXA)
JAXA launched the Quasi-Zenith Satellite 1 (QZS-1) called gMICHIBIKIh on September 11th 2010. After the on orbit checkout for 3 months, JAXA started technical verification of satellite navigation technology using MICHIBIKI. On June 22nd 2011, MICHIBIKI navigation signals were set healthy when the performance of MICHIBIKI met the IS-QZSS (Interface Specification for QZSS). This paper describes the technical verification results of QZS-1 gMICHIBIKIh.
(PDF: 498kB)

Special Report on Quasi Zenith Satellite Systems (in Japanese)
Satellite Positioning Systems using Quasi-Zenith Satellites (QZSS)
Tsutomu Nakajima (SPAC)

(PDF: 498kB)

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