Space Japan Review 6 - 7

No.29 June 2003 / July 2003



Cover Page

Interview with CEO
Takashi Iida, General Chair of ICSSC-21

Mr. John Keating, CEO of COM DEV has introduced his strategy of establishing COM DEV as a dominant second tier supplier to satellite prime contractors; it is the key strategy for the company which supplies on-board equipments internationally.

Executive Comment
Mitsuo TATEIBA, Professor Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Kyushu University

Satellite Utilization for Communication & Sensing in an Attractive Research Subject

2003 June / July issue edit postscript
(Edit person M.S.)

The special edition of AIAA was constructed following on the front number. The session was not adopted in CD-ROM. Such contents can be checked only in our journal. The conference obtained participation of many directions, although it was somewhat apprehensive about reduction in a participant under the Iraq war or the influence of SARS. Moreover, I received the manuscript from much person as usual, and it became a splendid magazine. USERS modules were collected safely and signs that the satellite system was used from a report. This case expects becoming the provisions of future research and development.

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