Space Japan Review 4 - 5

** Special number of AIAA-ICSSC-21 **

No.28 April 2003 / May 2003


Model of COMETS on exhibit at AIAA-ICSSC-21


Cover Page

Opening Remarks at Opening Ceremony of ICSSC-21
Takashi Iida, General Chair of ICSSC-21

Welcome Address
Mr. Hideaki Ishihara, Director General for Technology Policy Coordination, MPHPT

Plenary session A

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Plenary session B

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Plenary session C    

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Key Note Speech
Dr. Ichiro Taniguchi, of Mitsubishi Electric

The impact of satellite communications on information infrastructure towards a ubiquitous network in the broadband age

Key Note Speech
Joseph N. Pelton, George Washington University

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Award Luncheon

The Second AIAA JFSC Awards were presented to Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Ueda at the Twenty-First ICSSC Award Luncheon.

Speech for ICSSC-21 Award Luncheon
(1)Takuya Yoshida, CEO JSAT Corporation
(2)Takao Ueda, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.


Colloquium at AIAA ICSSCf21
| Satellite Internet, Latest Technologies, Systems and Services |

Greeting for Reception
Takashi Iida, General Chair

Greeting for Reception of ICSSC-21 at Sankei-En on April 18, 2003

Topics from within
Yutaka Kazekami, Senior Editor

AIAA Technical Committee on Communications Systems

Conference Report
1) Yukiko Ohno, CRL
2) Suzuki, APR-SAF

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