Space Japan Review 4 - 5

No.34 April / May 2004


Atlas-V First Launch(Aug.2002 Cape Canaveral) Photo by ILS


Cover Page

Executive Comments
Tatsuo Kitoh, Director-General for Technology Policy Coordination, MPHPT

Interview with CEO
Mark Albrecht
President, International Launch Services


Research and development activities for space communication systems in Japan, by Naokazu Hamamoto, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

Space Japan Club

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Satellite Communications and I
Remembrance of 21st AIAA ICSSC in Yokohama

The consciousness about universe has been changed for me during past two years ! Ms. Ryoko Hirama tolled us.

Ms. Ryoko has act as a secretariat for 21st AIAA ICSSC. She worked with AIAA H.Q. and Japan Forum on the establishment Satellite communications Conference in Japan. Hard negotiation in order to summarize the many opinion of the satellite communication specialist in Japan and the U.S.A was most critical job for her, but she has done remarkable activity with enthusiastic manner. -- It is alike and tells us.

Space Japan Milestone

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Selected Paper

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Topics From Within

(1) APSCC Workshop
"Digital Satellite Broadcasting and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting" by Yutaka Kazekami, Senior Editor, APSCC (Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Counsel) Workshop 'Digital Satellite Broadcasting and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting' was held in the Lotte Hotel Jeju Island Korea from March 23 to 25, 2004.

Capital Products
'A Handheld Terminal for S-Band Mobile Satellite Systems'

A Handheld Terminal for S-Band Mobile Satellite Systems FUJITSU was developed the handheld type mobile phone which can communicate through a S-band mobile satellite (ETS-[ as an example) under guidance of Communications Research Laboratory. The following are the features. It is under reconstruction so that data etc. can be treated and they are under evaluation now. Although the bit rate is low, the conventional satellite earth station is the thing developed with the different concept.

Conference Report
Outline of the special session of 2004 General Conference of IEICE (The institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
"Challenge to manned and unmanned space exploration technology"

by Korehiro Maeda

2004 General Conference of IEICE was held in Ookayama campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology was held in March 22-25, 2004 and special session KB-4 was conducted on March 23, 2004 where chairman of this session is Professor Yoshinori Sakai (president of Communication Society of IEICE, professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology). The title of this session is "Challenge to Manned and Unmanned Space Exploration Technology".

Editor's comment

In this issue, important words from two key gentlemen at the satellite communications policy office of the Japanese Government are provided, in addition to the article which briefs the overview of Japanese Government policy in satellite communications/broadcasting. For the support of the important Government policy, the early return of H-IIA to work is eagerly desired. Dr.Albrecht of ILS addressed his challenge to assure the continuous launch success to satisfy customers in "Interview with CEO" Furthermore, the paper by Prof.Helm of GWU will give you the very suggestive message in regard to the role of broadband satellite communications. (T.U.)

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