Space Japan Review 12 - 1

No.32 December 2003 / January 2004


Horizons-1 was successfully launched by the Sealaunch Company, LLC from its equatorial launch site at 154 degrees West longitude, which is about 2,240 km south of Hawaii, at 01:03 p.m. on 1st October 2003 (Japan Standard Time). The "Horizons-1" satellite is jointly owned by JSAT Corporation and PanAmSat Corporation, one of the world's leading satellite operators. This made JSAT one of the first satellite communications providers in Asia with a satellite over North America."


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New Year's greetings from the editor broad

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Special Report of Small Satellites

1. "Whale Ecology Observation Satellite (Kanta-kun) System"
This article on Whale Ecology Observation Satellite (WEOS) was written by Prof. T. Hayashi, Messrs. K. Yokoyama and S. Hosokawa of Chiba Institute of Technology, who have developed and are operating the WEOS system very successfully.
"We launched Whale Ecology Observation Satellite (WEOS, Kanta-kun) on Dec. 14, 2002 by H2-A rocket of NASDA as one of the piggyback payloads into a polar orbit. Ecological data of whales are sent from probes attached to whales on the ocean to this satellite, which collects those data, stores in an onboard memory, and sends back at a command to a ground station."

2. "The Australian microsatellite FedSat" by Jeff Kingwell
FedSat was launched as a "piggyback" payload by H-IIA Flight No. 4 from Tanegashima Space Centre on 14 December 2002, together with the Advanced Earth Observations Satel-lite ADEOS-II and the Japanese microsatellites WEOS and -LabSat. This was the first time that the H-IIA vehicle placed a non-Japanese satellite in orbit. Launch separation was verified, one orbit after launch, by telemetry from the on-board CCD camera.

AIAA-ICSSC-21 Report

Plenary Session A
"Impact of Communications Satellites on Information Infrastructure" held in 16 April 2003, chaired by: Y. SUZUKI, Communications Research Laboratory and moderated by H. Misuno. The panelists are N.Helm (Deputy Director, Space & Advanced Communications Research Institute, Geoage Washington University), J. Rigley (Vice-President of Communications Research Center Canada), C Allemand (Director for Programs and Industrial Policy of CNES), Y. Furuhama (Executive Director, National Space Development Agency of Japan), and P. Bertolucci (Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing and Customer Programs, Arianspace)

"Broadband Services through Satellites in Asia-Pacific" Mr. Yutaka Kazekami, Senior Editor, Space Japan Review, has organized this Plenary-C. Six prominent speakers from major Asian regional satellite operators presented their respective broadband service applications and strategies and introduced the current applications to audience. After presentations, all six speakers and Plenary Chair, Dr. Eui Koh participated panel discussion.

Conference Report

System Exhibition of AIAA
It was held in the microwave exhibition from November 26 to 28, 2003 in Pacifico Yokohama. There is meaning, which shows how the exhibition parts combines in the system. Moreover, AIAA joined company seminar and introduced the exhibition items.

Organizer's Report of JC-SAT 2003
AIAA Japan Forum of Satellite Communications and SAT(Satellite Telecommunications Technical group of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)) organized a two-day conference, Joint Conference on Satellite Communications (JC-SAT 2003), with KOSST (Korea Society of Space Technology) on October 23-24, 2003 at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo Japan.

Capital Products
SUPERBIRD realizes Satellite Remote Monitoring System

On November 2003, Space Communications Corporation (SCC. Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo. President: Masuyuki Annen) and its subsidiary, Seiryo Communications Inc. (SRY. Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo. President: Tsutomu Kizawa) has constructed the first system of re-mote-monitoring illegal dumping via a communication satellite for Gifu Prefecture.

Editor's comment

In this New Year's issue of Space Japan Review, it is carried editor's photo and New Year's greeting. And also, it is carried some papers of small satellite in the Special Report. In this new series "Letter from Washington", Professor N. Helm and Professor Joseph Pelton of George Washington University reports are contained.
Our intentions are to issue various fields on Satellite Communication. We wish your sympathies to AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications. (T.O.)

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