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Space Japan Review 10, 11, 12 & 01
No.90, October/November/December/January 2015/2016

Space Japan Review, No. 90
Venue of AIAA ICSSC 2015
Gold Coast, Australia


Cover Page
Venue of AIAA ICSSC 2015
Gold Coast, Australia

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Satellite Commentary (in Japanese)
Supplymentary budget, 50th anniversary of Kashima space center, etc.
Dr. Nobuyoshi Fugono, Former President of CRL

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Space Japan Miletone (in English)
"Demonstration of Satellite]to]Ground Optical Communication Links using SOTA"
Hideki Takenaka
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
"A t the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), we are promoting research for the realization of optical communications in space. We were aiming to demonstrate results of basic research and of device technology in communications technology and to realize communications with 1.5 micron-band between low earth orbit satellites and the ground for the first time in the world."
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Special Report (in English)
"Report on the Standardization of Optical Communications by the Consultative Committee for Space Data System"
(Second Report)
Tomohiro ARAKI and Shinichi INAGAWA
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
The Consultative Committee for Space Data System (CCSDS) was founded in 1982 by major space agencies under a common understanding that it is important to cooperate on space activities such as developing a mission device, supporting satellite operations, and sharing related data. The CCSDS focuses on developing and recommending international standards for space data systems while incorporating demonstration results of international standards. Recommendations known as Blue Book (BB) were developed and evaluated by the CCSDS; these will be integrated as a part of ISO standards.
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Space Japan Book Review #1 (in English)
Robert Scoble and Shel Israel: "Age of Context", Createspace, 2013.
Dr. Takashi Iida
Editorial Advisor
This book has no direct relation to the satellite communications because this book is on the software related to the Internet. But, this book is appropriate to review in this column, because a future topic of the Internet such as Web2.0 is in the field of view of the journal of Space Japan Review. Furthermore, the book contains a tale nearer the interest of the journal, as described later. I, the reviewer of this column, introduce this book involving some of my opinion below. This book review is based on Japanese translation version of this book.
(PDF: 508kB)

Space Japan Book Review #2 (in English)
George Friedman: "FLASHPOINTS: The Emerging Crisis in Europe", Doubleday, 2015.
Takao Ueda
Editorial Advisor
This is the third book of "The next 100 years" series written by George Friedman and introduced twice in SPACE JAPAN BOOK REVIEW in the past. Friedman is the CEO of the leading intelligence company that has the nickname of "behindthe]scenes CIA". In the former two books, bold and unique forecast by the author drew public attention.
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Space Japan Book Review #3 (in English)
Lewis Dartnell: "The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World From Scratch", Janklow & Nesbit (UK), Ltd., 2014.
Dr. Takashi Iida
Editorial Advisor
Although this book has somewhat exciting title, the reviewer is interested from the following two reasons. First, the number of people is set to 10,000 for the world civilization to be able to be reproduced when it disappeared. Actually the reviewer considered to be necessary to communicate with the Earth's Internet network when the size of the colony on Mars would become 10,000 people, and the Mars-Earth high-speed communication system was designed. This book seems to give any rationale for the figure of 10,000. Second, since the author of this book concerns the space related research, some topics related space systems are included as described below. This book will be introduced including the reviewer's personal opinion. This review is based on Japanese translation version of this book.
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Conferenece Report (in Japanese)
Report on AIAA ICSSC 2015 Conference in Goald Coast, Australia
Susumu Kitazume, Editorial Advisor
AIAA ICSSC 2015, which was held in Goald Coast, Australia from 7 to 10 September, 2015, is reported. (PDF: 995kB)

Flash Report (in Japanese)
Best Paper Award in AIAA ICSSC 2015
Prof. Masayoshi Tanaka, Nihon University
AIAA ICSSC 2015's Best Paper Award Winner is
Masayoshi Tanaka and Takahiro Ohkubo, gSpacially Superposed Highly Efficient 32APSK Transmission System", AIAA]2015]4334.i]4334j
(PDF: 231kB)

Editorfs Notes

The articles of this journal are discussing the matters of the past, the present, the future, and not only our country but also the world, while this journal has placed the perspective to satellite communications. The 21st century has become a very different world from the last century. At such time, I hope that the article can provide the reader any point of thought.iTIj

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