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No.88, February/March/April/May 2015

Space Japan Review, No. 88
TMT`Thirty Meter Telescope
courtesy by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan


Cover Page
TMT`Thirty Meter Telescope
courtesy by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Specail Report (in English)
TMT`Thirty Meter Telescope
Tomonori Usuda (TMT-J Project Director) and Miki Ishii (Public Relations)
TMT-J Project Office, National Institute of Natural Sciences/ National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
TMTiThirty Meter Telescopejis an extremely large optical/infrared telescope with an aperture of 30m, whose construction began in the fall of 2014 atop Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii and is scheduled for completion in 2022. In comparison to the 8.2m Subaru Telescope, one of few telescopes currently at the forefront of astronomical observation, TMT will have 13 times the light-gathering power and 3.6 times the resolving power, enabling it to perform at an unprecedented level of sensitivity. Utilizing this power to its fullest extent, TMT will aim to search for evidence of life on extrasolar planets and to reveal the identity of astronomical objects in the very early universe.
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Space Japan Book Review (in English)
From a satcom researcher point of view
Nate Silver: gThe Signal and The Noise ?Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don'th, Penguin Press, 2012.
Dr. Takashi Iida
Editorial Advisor
"Signal", which is in the title of this book, means truth, and "noise" means those that deflect the eye from the truth. The "signal" and the "noise" are originally terms of electrical engineering, as mentioned in this book. In the case of our handling telecommunications, especially in the radar, the signal processing is combating signal and noise. In order to determine whether the received signal is a significant reflected signal or the noise, Bayes theorem is applied as described in this book. Since such a treatment for even signal in a satellite communication is familiar, this book is thought to be appropriate to this column. This book review is based on Japanese translation version.
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Satellite Commentary (in Japanese)
Developing antennas of MST2 "Sakigake" and PLANET-A "Suisei"
Tomoki Obuchi
Editor of Space Japan Review
(PDF: 209kB)

Conference Report (in Japanese)
Satellite 2015 & SSPI
Susumu Kitazume
Special Advisor of AIAA JFSC
(PDF: 883kB)

Capital Products (in Japanese)
Global Digital 3D Map Distribution Service
Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)
RESTEC and NTT DATA add high-detail 2-meter resolution maps and 3D printing data to their Global Digital 3D map Distribution Service! - providing more useful 3D maps.
(PDF: 1263kB)

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