Space Japan Review 2 - 3

No.54 February / March 2008



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The Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite "KIZUNA" (WINDS) was launched by the H-IIA launch vehicle F14 on 23 February 2008. iCourtesy of JAXA)

Executive Comments 1
For Further Expansion of Satellite Communications

Naoki Okano
Director, Space Communications Policy Division
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has a policy of the research and development for common use of mobile telephone system for ground and satellite at the same frequency band by using the same mobile terminal both in the ground and satellite and for its application development.

Executive Comments 2
A Perspective on Space Exploration: Looking Back and Forward

Rick Houston, Jacobs ESTS Group

I have been fortunate to meet several of the space pioneers of the 1960s. They share the excitement of returning to the moon and to Mars and are thrilled that the work they pioneered is continuing. Another generation of explorers will land on the moon and bring the exhilaration of accomplishment back and improve our life and experiences here on earth." Mr. Rick Houston is currently the Director of Spacecraft and Vehicle Systems for Jacobs Technologyfs Engineering, Science, and Technical Services Group for providing management direction for support services to NASAfs George C. Marshall Space Flight Center.

Special Report
Disaster-Prevention Administrative Satellite Communication System -Local Authorities Satellite Communications Network-

Chiharu Ohuchi, General manager and Yasuzumi Izumi, Associate general manager
Local Authorities Satellite Communications Organization, technical division

The Local Authorities Satellite Communications Network is a system providing communications channel among all local governments in Japan and disaster prevention agencies such as fire defense headquarters. The network is constructed and operated as one of the world biggest satellite communications network for disaster-prevention and administrative communications which utilizes the feature of the satellite communications such as wide coverage in the service area, independence from disasters on earth, and flexibility of line setting." The network configuration, provided services, usage in disasters are reported.

Topics From Within
(1) Attending AIAA TCCS, IAC, IAC-DI Meeting and 46th Aerospace Sciences Meeting

Takashi Iida, NICT/JFSC

AIAA TCCS (Technical Committee on Communications System) meeting, IAC (International Activities Committee) meeting, AIAA Board of Directors meeting, Director-International Task Force meeting and 46th Aerospace Sciences Meeting, which were held at Grand Sierra Resort (formerly Reno Hilton Hotel) in Reno, Nevada from Monday on January 7 to Friday on January 11, 2008 will be reported.

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