Space Japan Review 10 - 11

No.52 October / November 2007



Cover Page

The ultra high data rate satellite "WINDS" under vibration testing. Courtesy of JAXA

Executive Comment
Development of Satellite Communication Technologies in Japan

Yasushi Horikawa
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Currently, 20 communications or broadcasting satellites are commercially operated in Japan, all of which were procured from foreign manufacturers. In mid-1980, Japan decided that all satellites for government use must be openly procured through the world markets. As a result, Japanese satellite manufacturers were slow in acquiring the technological capability of manufacturing satellites." Executive Director of JAXA, Dr. Yasushi Horikawa talks recent satellite communication technologies in Japan.

Conference Report
2007 JUSTSAP Symposium Report

Special editorial counselor for SJR
Yoshiaki Suzuki

Mr. Yoshiaki Suzuki reports the JUSTSAP (Japan-U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program) Symposium, which was held from 12 to 15 November 2007 at Waikoloa Marriott Hotel in Hawaii Island. This Symposium is held annually to exchange opinions and information regarding to cooperation in science, technology and space developments between Japan and U.S. and JUSTSAP2007 is 17th since started in 1990. The theme is "Expanding International Collaboration for Space Exploration.

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