Space Japan Review 12 - 1

No.50 December 2006 / January 2007



Cover Page

Commemorating the 50th Issue of Space Japan Review
- Its Brief History -

Takashi Iida, Special Editing Advisor

This issue of Space Japan Review (SJR), which was a bulletin of AIAA-JFSC (Japan Forum on Satellite Communications), is the commemorative 50th one since its first issue was published in 1999. Its history is looked back briefly in the following.

Prof. Neil Helm, George Washington University

I want to add my warm congratulations to the Japan Forum on Satellite Communications for the 50th addition of its Space Japan Review (SJR). I have always enjoyed reading and contributing to the SJR, and especially appreciated the excellent interviews of top satellite executives.

Space Japan Opinion
“Web 2.0 and Satellite Communications Technology
akashi Iida, Adviser at SJR Editing Committee

This article describes how the satellite communications technology should foresee the future in the Web 2.0 era and how AIAA-JFSC (Japan Forum on Satellite Communications) activity should be related it. The Web 2.0 is new movement, and it is necessary for us to pay attention to it form a point of view whether a change would be occurred equal to the Industrial Revolution revolutionizing a form of social business.

Topics From Within
“About AIAA system exhibition in micro wave exhibition (APMC 06) in 2006
Masafumi Shigaki

AIAA system exhibition was grandly executed in MWE2006 (It was done according to APMC06 held once every four years in Japan this year) that had been held in Pacifico Yokohama from 13th to 15th in December, 2006.

Satellite communications and I

Nana Tamura, Space Communications Corporation

Throughout the procurement task, I always respected the patience by the project people. And that patience influenced me. The important lesson I learned from them was that it is most important to be engaged in the task closely without giving up easily.

Editorial Bureau/ AIAA JFSC, Editorial Committee
NICT, Space Communications Division
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