Space Japan Review 8 - 9

No.42 August / September 2005




Cover Page

Executive Comment
"For the Advancement of Digital Satellite Broadcasting in Japan"
Kenji Nagai, Director-General Engineering Administration Department Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Interview With CEO
Kiyoshi Isozaki, President & CEO JSAT Corporation

In this interview, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Executive Director, Wireless Communications Department, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and former head of the editing committee for this magazine, talks with Mr. Kiyoshi Isozaki, President and CEO of the revitalized JSAT Corporation. Topics include the launch of Horizons-2-JSAT's second satellite in its joint venture with PanAmSat Corporation-and other global strategies. President Isozaki also shared his thoughts on future space development strategies, the need for hybrid satellite networks and other issues.

"Outline of the Report of Study Group on Space Communications in the Ubiquitous Network Era (Excerpts)"
by Space Communications Policy Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, JAPAN

This report subtitled by "Toward the realization of Ubiquitous Space-Net Program (USN Program)" is an outline of the report made by the study group on satellite communications in the ubiquitous network era, which is organized by the Space Communications Policy Division of MIC, Japan.

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